05 July 2012

Find God

Travel without moving,
Be everywhere.
See without looking,
Witness everything.
Taste without eating,
Digest the universe.
Hear without listening,
Comprehend the inaudible.
Talk without speaking,
Describe the ineffable.
Find order in chaos,
Find Peace.
Find God in a microgram.


Nothing More and Nothing Less

It takes more than pure Will to tame this beast.
It's not choosy when it comes down to feast.
it has been growing obese to say the least.
time has come to distill the piss of the yeast.

Farther down the thoughts less raveled.
Much closer than the roads less traveled.
Feel it connect to your sorry navel.
Paint the path, spit-shine every gravel.

High-end moonshine conspiracies are yet to be released.
Together with vulpine junkies who frets to be pleased.
Grease your knuckles before your swollen heart seize.
Bleed crimson tears into the night and scent the breeze.

Be sure to take the first step forth for the definitive quest.
Find the primodial ocean within the spiraling embrace of a seashell.
Be sure to hunt with the tigress that was once regressed.
swim till you wash up dead upon the shores of the seventh hell.
Of your own device.
By your own advice.

(lost in her-centric universe)
Delusions could be maintained and transmitted.
Majestic transits will be evaluated and omitted.
Tenacity must be ventilated and submitted.
(crazy like you to rehearse)

The old dog appeared snake-like, my crazies.
The old viper appealed to my deflowered daisies.
In my mind, ye ol' serpent of creation fingered my dazies.
Reared its head, fork tongued and eyes lingered all hazies.
Manic-like unadulterated mind-fuck, my crazies.
Magic-like to the satanic spectrum of my rubies.

Think!, it said.
Think we did for it.
Knowing there's absolutely nowhere to run or hide.
Comply!, it snarled.
and complied we did for it.
Rowing towards death to end this forsaken ride.

Here i am,
a whirl on the fingertip of the outstretched hand of humanity.
Here you are,
letting your vanity braid with my sanity.
Here we are,
strangers amongst the living billions.
Here we are,
mingling with the decaying trillions.
There we were,
nothing more and nothing less.
to be nothing more and nothing less.


The Mistresses of Psychosis

Chapter 1 Serenading the Dark Mistress.

The eyes are the first to lose its light.
Losing its innocense to a starless night.
Sanity shot down from its mundane flight,
To spiral down into an abyss of madness.

I've cried my eyes blind.
I've wailed my throat sore.
I've detained myself behind.
I've bruised my skin raw.
Just for a taste of you, my love.
Just for a hit of you, my love.

Voice of reason drowns beneath the waves of despair.
Ego now crucified when esteem seems beyond repair.
Misery weighs down deeper as the body struggles for air.
Bite the full-blown psychosis the pyche can never be prepared.

I'll crawl to the ends of the world.
I'll swim oceans if I tire and get cold.
I'll sell my soul for a few counterfeits.
I'll not stop to rest till i find a fix.
All just for a taste of you, my love.
All just for one kiss of you, my love.

Chapter 2 Killing Ms.Strange D'Novitol

The eyes are always the first to lose its light.
See them spin like roulette balls in the eye sockets.
Substances does not equate to sustenance tonight.
Life can be divided and stuffed into the pockets.
Along with the jingling change.
Along with mingling Ms.Strange.

She says,
"Let the ashes fall wherever they may,
for tomorrow you cannot touch today.
Say what you need to say.
Share your thoughts before the great decay."

The soul is always the first to be charred like the withering lungs.
As black as the raven scraping its beak on the tombstone.
Sanity now becomes too scarred to right the wrongs.
As slack as the bipolar musician peaking on the trombone.
Alone with critters of change.
Alone with bitter Ms.Strange.

She says,
"Let the leaves fall wherever they may,
For your hopes and dreams will find a way.
Share your experiences without delay.
With these words she bled away."


A Note

A new age dawns.
i can feel the first rays of change saturate my soul.
i breathe in the glorious mist of infinite possibilities.
Eyes closed skyward, arms raised high.
i exhale with an intoxicating relief, i sigh.
Detached from one only to be whole.

Sweet Silence.
Sweet reverence for sweet Silence.
Comforting as it sounds,
Morals fed to the hounds.
i am not the sinking stone, you see.
i am the radial ripples that knows no bounds.

No chain can bind me.
(i am free)
No illusion can blind me.
(i am free)
No person can change me.
(i am me)
No reason can rearrange me.
(i am me)
No one can complete me.
(let me be)
No voice can compete me.
(let me be)
No dogma can trap me.
(can't you see?)
No lord can command me.
(now you see)

Sing me a different tune,
Feed yourself with your know-it-all spoon.
Sincere like the moon and the sun.
i love the way you dream, my love.
i love the way you scream when you have fun.

Where have you been? i asked.
Right where you found me, Life she smiled.
Reached out and touched my weary face.
You won't be needing this anymore, she smiled.

Now i can see, feel, smell, hear and taste.
My senses are alive, i am whole again.
A beautiful tree has grown from the waste.
Let us sit in its shade,
in sunshine, rain or any weather,
There's no yesterday today, only now hereafter.


The Waking Self

Morning seeps in gently thru
the blinking slits.
Daylight wash over as the mind
tries to rub its eyes awake.
Dreams retreat across the waters of
consciousness on stilts.
Takes a moment to retrieve the
dagger driven deep to its hilt.


The Self, she stirs,
but ever so slightly.
She sleeps snugly
with wings of reason
wrapped around tightly.
Deceptively quietly.
Presumably quite lightly.
Until the mighty Sun gains supremacy
over the bleeding sky and resumes the legacy.

(then only)
She unfurls her brilliant wings
like an exploding Chrysanthemum
inside the waking mind.
Inspiring the soul to sing
like a fractal bird to enlighten every
darkened void she can find.
She ascends.
Gripping the hopeful heart in her clutches.
She ascends.
Giving wings to everything she touches.


21 November 2011

animals belong in the wild

I find it interesting to see/hear/read the outrage of people about the Maldivian government trying to establish a dolphin lagoon.

The reaction of the locals are legit as far as i am concerned. Dolphins belong in the wild. the only problem for me is, it is not only the dolphins that needs to be in the wild, this should be applied to all living things. there are so many pet owners everywhere. There are lot of people who owns birds in cages. Birds need a vast space to live and survive, like the dolphins. they are born to fly free - hence the phrase -  as free as a bird. Birds in this case is obviously an example. Some animals are not even suitable as pets. Sure enough, pets don't have a say in it.

i find these outrageous people hypocritical when they encourage others to sign the petition for the freedom of dolphins. i say, there should be a petition against owning any species of animals. i ask you, who are we to cage and feed them processed food just to satisfy their, the peoples' selfish lonely selves?? 

Irony is how can anyone offer a freedom we ourselves can't achieve. methinks the only solution is to leave the animals be. Perhaps cage humans as pets or for amusement and see how that works out.

21 September 2011

Accessing the collective knowledge of the plants.

The trees are the oldest inhabitants of the planet. They see the eons pass languidly into eternity. Wouldn't it be wonderful to communicate with the trees and share their rich collective wisdom? is it even possible?

Yes it is.

The plants communicate chemically since they don't have mouths to speak. The most communicative are the entheogenic plants. Psychoactive compounds in the plants are the links to access into their collective knowledge. Shamans have been doing this for centuries. It is crucial not to get lost when experiencing the overwhelming visions. Never underestimate the power of the plants. It is important to practice a level of discipline in order to maximize the understanding of the knowledge passed via visions.

Dimethyltryptamine (DMT),Psilocybin mushrooms, Mescaline and Salvia Divinorum are the most accessible Entheogens. Psychoactives like Cannabis Sativa (THC)doesn't induce an intense transmission compared to psychedelics. Psychoactives communicate by 'inspiring' the individual with thoughts, rarely with mild visions. Either way, both communicate at a very personal level.

Be advised to be cautious when experimenting with Entheogens. Try to be calm during the experience as it can be overwhelming. Meditate on the passed knowledge to fully understand the message.